Articles, rants, news & other writing.

This is a collection of the articles I’ve written over the past 8 years, I’ve edited and tidied them up for clarity. I also got rid of a lot of older, less relevant (read: stupid) articles. I’m going for clean, and quality.

Should Designers Code?

Code and Design Are two vastly different disciplines. So I see a lot of people talking about how designers should code. How it makes sense for frontend code to be produced in the design phase. Now, to a point, I agree. I definitely agree that being able to write code...

Graceful Degradation vs Progressive Enhancement

Graceful Degradation vs Progressive Enhancement Graceful degradation and progressive enhancement are two often confused concepts. Many people (developers, designers, other web professionals and not so savvy people) either fail to understand or decline to acknowledge...

Edgy Theme – Sublime Text 2

What is it? So, I’ve actually been using this for aaages. But the other day, someone looked at my laptop and noticed my editor and asked what it was. I said, oh it’s Sublime – to which i received a “no it’s not.”.  Boring...

Retrofitting Responsive CSS

A quick post about the experience of retrofitting a mobile responsive layout onto a client’s existing website. We’ve worked with Costhetics for quite a while, and when they asked about “building” a mobile site vs implementing a responsive design.. we figured we’d give it a try..

Responsive is more than just tricky visual design

​A quick rundown / stream of consciousness about the different use cases and contexts that *should* govern how we think about responsive web design. There is a definite lack in technology preventing responsive design from being the amazing revolution that it should be.

Convert CSS to SCSS

One of the things i’m doing at the moment (very slowly) is converting all my CSS to SCSS. I find the maintainability so much better – today i found a tool to convert existing CSS to SCSS. Not bad.

Gmail iOS app – Now supports push

Google finally got around to updating their iOS app – it now supports push. Since I’ve blogged a bit about Sparrow recently, I figured I’d give everyone a quick update on where my iOS mail usage is currently sitting.

Snapguide – iOS Interface Design

So, a few weeks ago I came across Snapguide. It’s a great howto and guide app for iOS. The thing that really struck me about this app is how well thought out the interface is. iOS is a great platform for building apps to consume content, however content creation is somewhat limited. The only apps that really do a good job of content creation are simple, one step creation apps (like: Instragram, Facebook etc). Where you only create one piece of content, and you provide minimal information.