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Creative & Digital

Hi there. I’m Alex. 

I'm a creative technical director, a designer, developer & teacher. Specialising in digital strategy & ideas.


I design & build digital tech. I've worked in agencies, client-side & in advertising - read more.

I've proudly worked with some fantastic clients and brands like: Calvin Klein, Levi's, Umbro, Dr Martens, Universal Music, Microsoft + Bing, Palm, Symantec, Coca Cola, Tiger beer, Bulmers Cider, Martini, Vodafone, Wrigleys, Peugeot.. plus a bunch more.



This is a collection of the articles I've written over the past 8 years, I've edited and tidied them up for clarity. I also got rid of a lot of older, less relevant (read: stupid) articles. I'm going for clean, and quality.


A quick post about the experience of retrofitting a mobile responsive layout onto a client's existing website. We've worked with Costhetics for quite a while, and when they asked about "building" a mobile site vs implementing a responsive design.. we figured we'd give it a try..

A quick rundown / stream of consciousness about the different use cases and contexts that *should* govern how we think about responsive web design. There is a definite lack in technology preventing responsive design from being the amazing revolution that it should be.

One of the things i'm doing at the moment (very slowly) is converting all my CSS to SCSS. I find the maintainability so much better - today i found a tool to convert existing CSS to SCSS. Not bad.


Passion is important. I love to build things online.

These are a few projects I've worked on for fun. For more examples of my personal work, you can visit me on github & dribbble.


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