Snapguide – iOS Interface Design

So, a few weeks ago I came across Snapguide. It’s a great howto and guide app for iOS. The thing that really struck me about this app is how well thought out the interface is. iOS is a great platform for building apps to consume content, however content creation is somewhat limited. The only apps that really do a good job of content creation are simple, one step creation apps (like: Instragram, Facebook etc). Where you only create one piece of content, and you provide minimal information.

Snapguide, on the other hand, has an inbuilt editor that allows you to create detailed photographic guides, all from the “comfort” of your iphone. The app basically asks its user to take photos of each step of a process and annotate them. It then joins these steps together to make a beautiful guide.

The true interface magic is in the creation process. It actually makes it simple enough to take each photo, annotate it and add it to your guide. Also allowing you to re-order the photos and edit the guide (before AND after publishing).

In testing the app, I created this guide (which went to their homepage features for a few days – and got a fair few likes as well): Make Paleo Tabouli. On a side note: i would highly recommend trying this recipe if you like tabouli.. it’s awesome.