Gmail iOS app – Now supports push

Google finally got around to updating their iOS app – it now supports push. Since I’ve blogged a bit about Sparrow recently, I figured I’d give everyone a quick update on where my iOS mail usage is currently sitting.

I stopped using Sparrow on my phone. Mostly because I hate Boxcar. I would definitely give Sparrow another try (once push gets implemented).

I used the Gmail app for a few months while I was in London, probably 2 years ago now. It was ok. The two glaring issues I had with it were its lack of multiple account support, and it’s lack of native push support.

Now that it has push, I’m giving it another shot in my workflow. What I’ve done is disable Mail in the native iOS mail client for my primary email address. I’ve then configured the gmail app to support that address. Basically, i get the Gmail interface for MY mail account, while my other accounts still sit in Mail. So far (ie: about 45 minutes) it seems like a viable solution.

The plan is to try and get by for a week using the gmail app in place of Mail for my primary email address.